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Jean E. Bogner, PhD, President
Landfills +, Inc.
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Technical support for commercial landfill gas recovery projects, including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in developing countries.

Applied research on landfill processes, including landfill gas emissions and oxidation.

Technical support and marketing for Gas Technology Products/Merichem, Schaumburg, Illinois.

Coordinating Lead Author, IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), Working Group III (Mitigation), Chapter 10-Waste.

Landfills +, Inc.

Landfills +, Inc. is a small business founded by Dr. Jean Bogner in 1997 to provide specialized landfill gas (LFG) consulting services in the context of integrated waste management.

Solid waste is a significant source of renewable energy. This energy can be exploited in numerous ways, including the commercial recovery and utilization of landfill gas [see FAQs about LFG].

The recovery of LFG, a biogas containing 50-60% (v/v) methane, can provide energy and environmental benefits at local, regional, and global scales. Energy benefits include direct offset of fossil fuels for industrial heating, electrical generation, and the production of substitute natural gas fuels (such as compressed natural gas/CNG). Environmental benefits include local and regional reductions in emissions of methane, other hydrocarbon trace components, and odorous compounds. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and, for many developed countries, landfills are implicated as the largest anthropogenic source of atmospheric methane. Globally, the commercial recovery of landfill methane since 1975 is now beginning to stabilize emissions from this source.

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